Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tide Clock Acquired

This has been on the cards for a while and now, at last, the deed has been done.

As you may imagine, we have been waiting for better times fiscally, and they now seem at long last to be turning back in the right directions. Hence this purchase, after various exhaustive searches to find just the right item.

Happily the source we eventually plumped for, was a local one in Bodmin; namely Handmade in Cornwall. And so tactile too.

With both of us out on Friday at the crucial time that delivery was attempted, it was down to me to wander into Camborne to pick it up from the Post Office yesterday morning.

Setting it to the local tides had to wait till later in the day when low tide was reached around 4.45pm. And from that point the gentle and un-obtrusive 'tick-tick' in the kitchen now adds further mellow vibes to our abode.

Throw in a bit of swell over the weekend and things surfing-wise appear to be setting up nicely for the year ahead. Time and a personal need to wait for the size to drop a bit, to lessen the chance of getting yet another pounding when I have opted for the log meant; that a session this morning was the wiser choice.

Tweets around breakfast suggested a chest to head high set up and so, having everything ready overnight, there was little to hold us back from making the trip, en masse (self, Suz & hound), down to Godrevy. We weren't to be disappointed. The weather was crisp, clear and dry, and the waves were enticing; despite the first real bite of winter this far west.

I still took longer than normal to find a way out through the whitewater, but it was certainly a lot easier than the last couple of stand up trips. There was also a lot more determination after the poundings I'd suffered too. But to be honest the lack of timing and paddling strength did take the edge off the satisfaction of taking up my normal position out back.

The final result was the distinct lack of rides, barring some half hearted and short lived efforts, before the lack of a winter wetsuit finally persuaded me to ride in after about an hour and a half. It mattered little to be truthful as, in my defence, I've never really been a 'morning surf person'; preferring as I do to get in later in the day. Opportunity and conditions had dictated otherwise in this case.

I'm left with a satisfying feeling as ever though, of feeling very much alive if a tad ready for a siesta. Throw in the warmth of being indoors again and that could happen even before I finish thi............

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