Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No point in denying it. There was a bit of apprehension in the lead up to my (our-Ben & I) first ever Christmas morning swim.

We had our 'sticks' to cuddle up to I suppose. But with heavy showers falling intermittently from the moment we woke, right up to the short journey itself to Sennen; it was easy to dread the worst.

Thus, 3 generations of Wolls cast a varied picture in the car park as the many hardy souls; both participants and spectators; began to arrive in their droves down the hill after us.

A beady eye was kept out for Gav and his family entourage, although any thought of remonstrating with the chap who'd 'trapped' me into coming in the first place; never even remotely threatened to surface. Just as well really, as their arrival heralded an unexpected gift for the youngest of our party; Claire Tamsyn. At 14 months she is the now the proud owner of her first Traditional Surfing Co belly board - Grandma's next board painting project for sure!

No time to ponder however as the Event engulfed us before there was time to think. A quick dash down to the beach and an even swifter removal of Robies and other warmth providing items meant Ben & self piled on to the back of the crowd as the countdown reached it's conclusion.

The sun even deigned to pop out from behind a passing light shower as if to provide a 'Sign of Good Luck'



The sprint in to the blue sea, that further out was providing plenty of action for the kite surfers, proved to be as 'invigoarting' as expected. Catching the first wave completed the job, but without the need for Vinny Jones to stride into shot with Staying Alive blaring out on his portable Bose.

Ben got a couple before riding in, while I stayed out a bit longer as I ....errrr...warmed to the task. Half a dozen more and I decided to head in to and hook back up with Gavin & his lad, Sam - in for the first time sans wettie. The guy had got in marginally after me and was technically out of the water before me. Not often then that I can claim a surfing victory over this accomplished all-rounder - so I will savour this one.

What's more. I think this open water swimming thing, particularly during less popular times; may have just 'bitten' me. Bring on more please!

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