Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last 'Supper'

In the aftermath of the Christmas Day swim at Sennen, Ben and self promised ourselves that; regardless of conditions; we'd get in with the bellies at least once more before the Woll Jnr's returned oop north.

And so we did later on yesterday afternoon a couple of hours before dark.

It was as it has been for most of the festive period so far; blown out mush and too heavy for the logs. But that mattered little to us.

There was also the important matter of getting that all important photo opportunity for the latest Grom from the Woollatt tribe, to be pictured with her first ever board; courtesy of those generous folks at Traditional Surfing Co.

Time will tell of course as to whether she 'gets into it' of course. But it won't be without plenty of encouragement and example, so there's a fair to middling chance. Daddy of course, took his time before realising that actually, this is just one of those things in life that gives the perfect 'buzz'. And, even though he waited until around the 10-11yo mark before taking the plunge, he has the (not indefinite) luxury of knowing that he had (has) a 20 year 'start' on his Old Man.

As for this session, what more needs saying than plenty of fun was had in the hour or so we braved the hail, rain, blinding low sunshine and wind?


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