Monday, November 19, 2012


Not for the first time we seem to have had an enforced 'hibernation' surfing wise.

It seems odd how this can occur as, when last immersed in the ocean, any prospect of such seemed unthinkable.

It always does!!

But happen it has. A couple of sessions on the belly in the aftermath of the Worlds at the beginning of September still left October some way off in the distance. And yet here we are mid way through November and all I can report is a feeble attempt to get in at Pete's Point on Sunday!

The remainder of September passed with little swell/opportunity, which was frustrating as the chance of post work surfs began to run out with the shortening days. Overtime kicking in only added to this dilemma.

October came and went with only similar fortunes, although this was interspersed with a week long trip up north to visit The Kids and our granddaughter who was to celebrate her 1st birthday. That was a joy as Claire is already growing into a real character - knows how to pose for the camera too! Wonder if she'll get this surfing lark?

The trip coincided with the first decent spell of waves of the autumn and promptly disappeared upon our return. And so the wait had to go on a bit longer.

Until the run up to the weekend just past it transpired. Although the best of it - or so it seemed - had passed to by the time Saturday hove into view.  It still looked do-able though. But Sunday looked better. Against better judgement then, I dipped out of an ideal re-acclimatisation session on the former, in favour of something a bit more challenging on the latter.

I wish I hadn't. I just knew by the first glimpse of the lighthouse that this could be just too heavy for a return after two moons 'off'. A look at Godrevy only confirmed this and so Suz and I headed to the Sunset car park instead.

It still looked lively and, with the tide now receding quickly was bound to only get more hollow. I wavered briefly but decided to get suited and give it a lash. Gav's arrival boosted the ego and gave the opportunity to confirm my (and Ben's) intention to take part in the Christmas Morning Swim at Sennen.

Madness or machismo-istic or what?

For the time being though, my lacklustre attempts to get through the whitewater just about summed my current surfing status up perfectly. Below par.

I don't intend this to remain so!