Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going for Gold

After all the waiting and the hype, the Games are now well underway.

Predictably perhaps, with all the hopes and dreams being so publically speculated upon; the media and the public between them, came close to undermining the required management of expectations as the flow of medals didn't pour in from the opening events.

As if they were going to in the sort of numbers the largest nations can more readily expect, given the size of the pool of talent available to them.

Then along came a young girl from Pz (and her team-mate) and suddenly, all was well with the World.

And there my friends is the secret to success and happiness: patience - perseverance - and looking towards the bigger picture.

But then Helen G has a raw talent that yours truly can...(could ?) only dream of possessing. In any sporting context!

That said. In the middle of a three day straight surfing spree last week on Tuesday - I am not that humble to admit coming pretty close to challenging that assumption in a session that by my own standard turned out to be sublime.

After weeks of waiting for a decent spell of consistent swell; let alone anything approaching summer!; all the signs pointed towards both changing for the better by the Monday. Hopes for anything sooner passed  the day before - although the weather at least obliged from the weekend onward.

Monday as it turned out, became a battle with the crowds and the subsequent positioning changes in a rapidly increasing swell. Sue too had been sidelined due to a short lived bug which had laid her low earlier; but hadn't prevented her going along to watch and relax. But waves were caught, even if the quality and quantity was lacking to a degree.

Wednesday brought along the final pulses of the swell even if it was more or less a case of walking out to the lineup for the most part! No wonder I dashed back to the car, to swap boards and finish off with a belly with herself. Oh and the sun disappeared behind some low sea mist for good measure too!

But Tuesday.....

That was something else for we at least. The size had begun to drop, but with glassier conditions on a beautiful July evening; it would have been rude to not take advantage!

I sensed something on the paddle out as I headed to a left peak more to the Gwith' end of the beach. Maybe it was the lack of bodies around this time?; as it was to stay for the most part; or maybe it was the more controlled nature of sets. Who knows for sure?

It mattered little as, from the moment I selected my first ride and pulled in; I just knew this would be stoke of the highest order. A right turn was perfectly achieved and quickly followed by a well executed 'drop knee' to the left. Trim was spot on and confidence to play around flowed.

Plenty more followed. So I won't bore with a repetitive monologue about the session from heaven; suffice to say by the time I finally paddled in - there was the daftest grin plastered all over my face which hung around for a while after!

Which made two of us as Suz had experienced her first proper cover up too on the belly. She though won't be growing any sideburns or donning the lycra for the foresee-able!

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  1. Yer, that was a PARTIAL coverup! LOL! Stoked, nonetheless.