Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finding my Feet

.....which is quite something given the stick they seem to get at the moment.

Well at least the right one!

Fin slash last year. A fungal infection that just will not grow out of the big toe nail (War has been declared on that!). And now this little 'baby' following an accidental spillage onto it at work a couple of weeks ago - be warned of the dangers of what in effect is nail varnish remover!

A couple of dunkings in the ocean has helped since the incident; the first last Sunday when I made the trip down to Godrevy solo, to have some fun in some lumpy, shoulder high, onshore waves to finally find some form on the log in 2012.

Suz had dipped out, in favour of what appeared at the departure time, to be some 'Time Team' action in the back garden. The hoped for archaeological 'find' turned out to be no more than a crushed gardening bucket, which disappointed her particularly as the chance of some bellying had been passed.

As for me, well; having waded out with the feeling of the damaged skin on my foot pulling away - rather like you get with sunburned skin a few days after it's grilling in the sun - and paddling straight into my first wave without the hesitation I'd experienced a little over a week before; it was fair to say the confidence seemed to be returning.

The complete re-wax of the deck I'd undertaken the Sunday before appeared to play its part too. Long overdue that was and may have contributed incrementally in my loss of consistency recently.

Either way this was followed up on Thursday evening after a long day at work when Suz and self headed straight to the beach and the beginning of summer as it appeared. The sky was clear and a lovely evening looked odds on to please the (relieved) forecasters as the jet stream anomaly finally seemed to be elbowed out of the away by the approaching Azores 'High'.

The waves weren't brilliant on the ebbing tide, but there was still something to play with on the sets. Good job that my form continued with its upwards trend and that the pop-up that had been plagued by the sciatica ravaged mindset since the spring, seemed more like where it should be. Mind over matter?

Hopefully we should be shortly headed back to the beach this evening, as not only the weather continues to play ball, but the promise of use-able waves through the week beckons. At the moment the cams continue to show little in the way of ripples, but there is always a chance that the first pulses may show before too long.

Of course it won't be a problem if it doesn't, as post work surfs will be easier this week with overtime off the menu. Monday through to Weds at least should be fun - maybe Thursday too.

Watch this space...