Monday, June 25, 2012

New Wave..

...OK so it's 24 hours after the event, but Suz n self got in a cheeky belly session at Sennen yesterday evening.

We'd already earmarked Sunday PM as a possible wave sess', and had been further encouraged by reports from Gav' of the chance of a 3rd consecutive belly heaven further west.

We'd bumped into him and his clan at Mazey Day the day previous; and got the heads up late morning.

As if charmed, the weather had brightened up as the afternoon rolled in, but did seem to be closing in a bit as we set off. Not that we were concerned anyway, as we pulled into the cove, the cloud parted properly to expose a clear blue sky to leave idyllic evening surfing conditions.

Not as good out back to be fair, although I'd have been tempted to paddle out had I had the log with me this time. But we were here to 'wet' the boards at their spiritual home.

We entered into a mid tide flood that offered a punchy little wave that welcomed us from the outset. Gav' and Sam arrived soon after although the old man opted for short twin fin to begin with. Though it was soon obvious that the belly was the way to go.

Suz wasn't sure if was the first surf she'd had here; memory as to whether she'd got in back in April 04 had long since faded. It mattered not, as by the time we followed the others back up the beach around 7.30pm she was well stoked.

Me too, as my intro to New School bellyboarding opens up exciting possibilities for the future....

Picture Credit - Gav Randall (Traditional Surfing)

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