Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting back up to speed.....

....after a 'need to get back in to the saddle after a fall' session.

It wasn't classic. Nowhere near the photo (left) taken last summer even. But there was a weak early flood wave to be had before the bay flooded too much.

The crowds just had to put up with me too on a pleasant sunny afternoon between weather fronts.

But it was a step back in the right direction and nice to reflect back on after the walk back to the jalopy.

Even nabbed a couple of waves on Sue's belly before she called time and wandered back with me.

'Twas nice just to stretch out after getting changed and just take in the view across to Hayle, Carbis n Snives for a bit before heading back to base. May pop down to see Gav tomorrow b4 a pre auction look at some art at Sennen. Wonder if it'll be worth chucking the belly in too...just in case ;o)


  1. Soon as the shoulders back in business, I'll be in there with ya! Cheers Parky

    1. Can always break the ice on a 'bellie' ;o)