Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Surf since Summer Began

...on Friday evening after work in what appeared to be the ideal conditions after a long lay-off: sunny, pleasantly warm and with a light offshore.

You'll see from the previous post (9/4/12) the gap since my last dunking, although this has been down to commitments elsewhere, rather than injury or lack of opportunity. Overtime and dipping ever deeper into local politics with regards the stadium that Cornwall could really do with now have been the main distractions. The latter it seems has taken more of a toll than I realised mentally as it turned out after I'd paddled out.

Physically I was as up for a surf as ever and these weren't anywhere near the most challenging of conditions either. But it soon became apparent after wave after wave was missed that that magic ingredient was missing; that indefinable 'something' that hooks up all the relevant mechanics that results in riding a wave without really thinking about it.

Sue on the other hand was having a whale of a time, oblivious to my woes and fair play to her; what better way to finish a full day's work with 7 mile cycle ride thrown in for good measure?

Me? I had to settle for just the one notable ride in 90 minutes of surfing and a real downer that had followed on from the disappointment and irritation of our trip to Oxford to watch the Pirates not only finish runners up for the 2nd year running; but the manner in which all the off the field disruptions had taken their toll, and the snub at the post match presentations.

Even so, a couple of days later, and having chilled that bit longer, a way forward is visible. A summer of surf will go someway to seeing that to fruition too, as will the World Bellies in September, into which our entries have been confirmed :o)

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