Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Belly Up!

....hopefully this is a sign of things to come in the coming moons...regular blogs reporting on things wave wise. Whether by Sue or me; longboarding or bellying; in or out of the water.

TBH, any thoughts yesterday I had about getting in today, seemed dashed from first thing as firstly the weather, and then that old 'Sunday' lethargy thing crept up on us as the morning progressed.

Bank Holidays on a Tuesday seem odd to the old system.

Either way, Charlie needed a stretch and with lunch done, we bunged the hound in the 'wreck' and set off to Gwithian. We'd talked about popping to Sunset to replace our knackered pairs of flip-flops and besides, I needed to stock up on some board wax in prep' for stripping down mine & Ben's logs to put on some fresh wax.

At long last! Well I'll re-apply mine for now. Ben's can wait till later when he needs it again.

So there we were at the small car park behind the dunes, attired for the less than early summer like weather that seemed set in, with a dog literally bursting for a dump.

The latter didn't wait for long to attend to his ablutions and so we were able to amble on pretty sharpish for once. Purchasing requirements didn't take long either and with time still to kill before normality sets back in tomorrow, the urge to get back into the sea again strengthened. The weather too looked to be lifting a bit.

Cue the dash back to base, ditch the hound whilst making sure Classic was tuned in nicely for him, and grab the wet wettie. The Bomb was still already on the back seat.

Sue declined the chance but I didn't and spent a pleasant hour plying the ply...

That's better

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