Monday, June 25, 2012

New Wave..

...OK so it's 24 hours after the event, but Suz n self got in a cheeky belly session at Sennen yesterday evening.

We'd already earmarked Sunday PM as a possible wave sess', and had been further encouraged by reports from Gav' of the chance of a 3rd consecutive belly heaven further west.

We'd bumped into him and his clan at Mazey Day the day previous; and got the heads up late morning.

As if charmed, the weather had brightened up as the afternoon rolled in, but did seem to be closing in a bit as we set off. Not that we were concerned anyway, as we pulled into the cove, the cloud parted properly to expose a clear blue sky to leave idyllic evening surfing conditions.

Not as good out back to be fair, although I'd have been tempted to paddle out had I had the log with me this time. But we were here to 'wet' the boards at their spiritual home.

We entered into a mid tide flood that offered a punchy little wave that welcomed us from the outset. Gav' and Sam arrived soon after although the old man opted for short twin fin to begin with. Though it was soon obvious that the belly was the way to go.

Suz wasn't sure if was the first surf she'd had here; memory as to whether she'd got in back in April 04 had long since faded. It mattered not, as by the time we followed the others back up the beach around 7.30pm she was well stoked.

Me too, as my intro to New School bellyboarding opens up exciting possibilities for the future....

Picture Credit - Gav Randall (Traditional Surfing)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weaver 1 Suz 0....

The gale that had blown for nigh on three days had at last subsided overnight and the new day had dawned with a strange, round and yellow object in the sky.

Gossip over neighbouring fences suggested this was something called the sun, of which little is known other than in ancient folklore.

Regardless. With the wind now only light to moderate, there was at least the chance of getting wet once again.

Little debate for self as to which surfcraft to use as the swell, what of it there was, was only weak and messy. Belly time.

So; once a light lunch had been taken in the garden, allowing time for the tide to turn and begin it's next journey towards the higher of it's tide ranges; Sue and I chucked the gear into the car and headed beachwards.

By 2pm we were in and getting in some early, mellow rides. Nothing spectacular or banzai you understand, but it was better than nothing. And certainly a refreshing change to being restricted by the unseasonably autumnal conditions of late.

I would have said pleasant to once again be 'bootless', only that wouldn't be the case for Sue who; not for the first time in our surfing history; seemed to attract the only Weaver in the village to her left hoof.

Not that she was really aware of this until we called time as it poo-ed out after an hour or so....after which the ouchy bit kicked in on the stroll back to the car park.

What is normally a pleasant enough 'mosey along the beach' turned into a recreation of the Bataan Death March. Or so it seemed ;o)

Application of a hot water foot bath back home soon did the trick. And I'm sure that glass of red will restore the brave soldier back to full health too!

RLW 1921-2007 Is is really 5 years this week just past since we bid you farewell? Miss you still Dad.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Belly Up!

....hopefully this is a sign of things to come in the coming moons...regular blogs reporting on things wave wise. Whether by Sue or me; longboarding or bellying; in or out of the water.

TBH, any thoughts yesterday I had about getting in today, seemed dashed from first thing as firstly the weather, and then that old 'Sunday' lethargy thing crept up on us as the morning progressed.

Bank Holidays on a Tuesday seem odd to the old system.

Either way, Charlie needed a stretch and with lunch done, we bunged the hound in the 'wreck' and set off to Gwithian. We'd talked about popping to Sunset to replace our knackered pairs of flip-flops and besides, I needed to stock up on some board wax in prep' for stripping down mine & Ben's logs to put on some fresh wax.

At long last! Well I'll re-apply mine for now. Ben's can wait till later when he needs it again.

So there we were at the small car park behind the dunes, attired for the less than early summer like weather that seemed set in, with a dog literally bursting for a dump.

The latter didn't wait for long to attend to his ablutions and so we were able to amble on pretty sharpish for once. Purchasing requirements didn't take long either and with time still to kill before normality sets back in tomorrow, the urge to get back into the sea again strengthened. The weather too looked to be lifting a bit.

Cue the dash back to base, ditch the hound whilst making sure Classic was tuned in nicely for him, and grab the wet wettie. The Bomb was still already on the back seat.

Sue declined the chance but I didn't and spent a pleasant hour plying the ply...

That's better

Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting back up to speed.....

....after a 'need to get back in to the saddle after a fall' session.

It wasn't classic. Nowhere near the photo (left) taken last summer even. But there was a weak early flood wave to be had before the bay flooded too much.

The crowds just had to put up with me too on a pleasant sunny afternoon between weather fronts.

But it was a step back in the right direction and nice to reflect back on after the walk back to the jalopy.

Even nabbed a couple of waves on Sue's belly before she called time and wandered back with me.

'Twas nice just to stretch out after getting changed and just take in the view across to Hayle, Carbis n Snives for a bit before heading back to base. May pop down to see Gav tomorrow b4 a pre auction look at some art at Sennen. Wonder if it'll be worth chucking the belly in too...just in case ;o)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Surf since Summer Began

...on Friday evening after work in what appeared to be the ideal conditions after a long lay-off: sunny, pleasantly warm and with a light offshore.

You'll see from the previous post (9/4/12) the gap since my last dunking, although this has been down to commitments elsewhere, rather than injury or lack of opportunity. Overtime and dipping ever deeper into local politics with regards the stadium that Cornwall could really do with now have been the main distractions. The latter it seems has taken more of a toll than I realised mentally as it turned out after I'd paddled out.

Physically I was as up for a surf as ever and these weren't anywhere near the most challenging of conditions either. But it soon became apparent after wave after wave was missed that that magic ingredient was missing; that indefinable 'something' that hooks up all the relevant mechanics that results in riding a wave without really thinking about it.

Sue on the other hand was having a whale of a time, oblivious to my woes and fair play to her; what better way to finish a full day's work with 7 mile cycle ride thrown in for good measure?

Me? I had to settle for just the one notable ride in 90 minutes of surfing and a real downer that had followed on from the disappointment and irritation of our trip to Oxford to watch the Pirates not only finish runners up for the 2nd year running; but the manner in which all the off the field disruptions had taken their toll, and the snub at the post match presentations.

Even so, a couple of days later, and having chilled that bit longer, a way forward is visible. A summer of surf will go someway to seeing that to fruition too, as will the World Bellies in September, into which our entries have been confirmed :o)