Monday, April 9, 2012

Last Surf before Sleaford

...... for Ben at least.....well after he'd had his Sunday afternoon nap! ;o)

Poor chap obviously found the day trip to Cross Keys a bit too much, particularly given the Pirates' shock exit from the British & Irish Cup.

Moving on...

The tide had turned by the time we edged the beast that is the Almera onto the road to Godrevy, and was about at mid tide by the time we paddled out just after 4. A reasonably easy affair with plenty of water about to fill the channels before it filled the bay more than average. (High Spring Tides at mo)

But there was a decent enough wave to play with and the wind had held off longer than expected, with heavy rain and gales forecast by Monday.

All in all it was fun session with both of us picking up some rides to sate the need. Although with my easier access these days, I took the honours.

Ben though surfed (and paddled) with a lot more confidence than when last in these parts, but could do with a similar situation if he is ever to regain that youthful promise.

Even so, he displayed the old enthusiasm and found the energy to get out and swap boards for the bellie for a bit of banzai shore break action. Of course I had the key and had to ride one in and paddle back out again, but that mattered little as we made the most of his last chance in a while to get 'wet'.

Happy boys:o)

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