Friday, April 6, 2012

Claire's first visit to Kernow

April already and one or two dips since the last post.

Suz has begun work at Little White Alice and it seems to agree with her, as does the excuse to get out on the new bike at every available opportunity. Long may that continue, assuming it doesn't improve her fitness levels too much in time for the Worlds in September. Can't have the Maid out doing me again in the rankings.

Talking of the bellies, mine got an outing for the first time in '12, to coincide with Ben's christening of his 'Bomb' last Sunday.

Obviously this means that Emz and Claire are in town too; the latter's first visit of many to God's Country.

The beach on the whole is a mystery at the moment, but at least the weather has been clement enough not to discourage the lass too much ;o)

This afternoon it's a 'boys only' visit to Godrevy to have a blast on the Bomb's and clear out any cobwebs before we head into Wales tomorrow for the British & Irish Cup semi with Cross Keys.

Hopefully there'll be enough time for another surf with the logs before they head back on Tuesday.

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