Sunday, March 11, 2012

Porthtowan surf-time

We felt in need of some fresh sea air today, so took the longboard and both bellyboards to Porthtowan. The air was remarkably mild for the time of year and as this was my (Sue) first surf of the year I was hoping the sea wouldn't be too cold either. Lovely hubby lent me his Chill Cheater to wear under my summer wettie, though which gave me another 2mm of neoprene and with boots and gloves, I was fine. (Although I lost my earplugs somewhere in the car park, I didn't need them after all.)

Lots of folk on the beach walking, and some had been roped in to do a beach clean too, which they seemed quite happy to help out with.

The tide was receding still and there was a reasonable swell with plenty of waves for me to play in, while Woll paddled out to the Deep End to try his luck. I'm not a great surfer or waterwoman, so all I can say is that I had a great time riding the white water; stayed in for threequarters of an hour and still wasn't chilly. I had 'waterfall' rides which are always great fun. It's when the wave you're on catches up with a wave in front and sends you 'over the falls' as it were, exhilarating!

Eventually I hauled out and got changed. In the car park I zipped up a fellow surfer into his wettie and back at the beach I grabbed a black sack and did a little beach-cleaning (my good deeds for the day!) before Woll emerged and headed for the car, to change. His session hadn't been epic; a case of too big a board for the conditions maybe as many of the waves were just too hollow for him. He did though, get wet, get feet to board and get a few rides, which is what it's all about, isn't it?

Now, back at home, showered, fed and stoked. Roll on the next session!


  1. More sun than we got in St Ives today Sue - 'waterfall rides' so that's what they're called and yes they are fun. Have a good week. Lesley

  2. LOL,I have to admit we didn't take the camera...those pics are older ones! sun, but it was bright-ish and not cold, for which I was very grateful!
    Enjoy your week, too...see you down there sometime!