Sunday, November 27, 2011

That was a week that was....

.... a bit of trial at times as Sue and self tackle the sort of problems that many in these troubled financial times have to face. Many obviously way worse off than ourselves.

Throw in the Pirates losing so painfully at Bristol last Sunday, and then again up at Doncaster for the first time since 2002; the combination of which does little to enhance the mood.

Thus a trip to Praa after the nod from Gav this afternoon was just the tonic. Wasn't it just?!

On a perfect late autumn afternoon giving further evidence of the unusually mild season we've been having; we had a very enjoyable hour and a half to no doubt provide entertainment to the loads of promenaders walking up and down the beach. They themselves enjoying every last minute of daylight as the evening approached.

I'd gone for the longboard to give my confidence any re-assurance it may have needed after the leash moment last month. Although the belly was on standby if needed. It required none and the latter remained on the back seat as a decent enough sized, but not over heavy wave greeted our arrival.

I managed to hook up a good half dozen good lefts and a similar amount of banzai late take offs before returning to shore. While Sue banged in some good rides of her own as she completed her latest ever surf calender wise with a grin that outweighed the chattering of teeth. The extremities reminding her that despite everything, this was still nearly December.

Bottom line was a mellow couple ready for their supper and a glass of something nice.

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  1. It's amazing what a difference a few waves can make to how you feel.