Thursday, October 13, 2011


Landmarks galore to celebrate or otherwise, as Sue and I get wet for the first time since Sunday week ago.

Sue beat the encroaching gloom and mist to stretch out a 45 minute thrash in a lively shorebreak. While I paddled out on the log for a bit longer in some very clean shoulder high stuff.

Of course, this was the first time I'd surfed as a if it would feel any different!! But then why would it? Plenty of 'geris' in the lineup for as long as I've been surfing and, if anything, it proves to be an inspiration still.

Similar if not more so in the bellie zone! But I'll let Sue elucidate if the need arises ;0)

So, the nights draw in and inevitably with it goes the chance for an apres work surf till spring. For now though there's a grin on the face as the curry bubbles, knowing there's a chance of some more waves over the weekend; it being rugby free. Sort of. Duty done superstition-wise anyway as the Pirates turn out at Nottingham tomorrow night. Pre match surfs always seem to deliver a win.....

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