Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Good Turn...

.....deserves another so the saying goes.

It's been a week since we got back from welcoming our grand-daughter into the fold up country; two since we've even seen the ocean, let alone got into it for some waves.

On the last occasion of course I experienced that 'guardian angel' moment with a local seal. Something not easily forgotten even if it wasn't as it seemed when filtered through a human mind.

Today though we had no inclination to go surfing, being just glad to get to Godrevy, to bound the hound and get some fresh sea air into our lungs having been couped up all the day before. We'll ignore the day to day 'joys' of trying to balance the books in such trying times too!

Once Charlie had finally negotiated the pathway up to the lifeguard hut at the north end of the beach, with his usual nasal thoroughness, we couldn't help but notice that there appeared to be a young seal beached at the waterline.

Other beach users and the lifeguards had clocked this as well and were keeping a watching brief. There was nothing else for it but to take a closer look ourselves.

The Seal Sanctuary at Gweek had been alerted and were on the way we discovered when reaching the scene. The pup it was clear was not a happy chappy, although not in any immediate danger, so when concluding a very pleasant conversation with some visitors from Crowthorne, we continued our walk in the direction of the lighthouse. The ebbing tide being a fair way out already from shore.

Wandering back, we could see that two individuals were now in attendance of the stricken marine mammal, and so decided to see how things were going.

As it turned out, the poor thing had, as suspected taken a battering in the heavy surf. It'd also taken a bit of stick from another creature un-identified, and had it seemed been parted from it's mother. And not as I'd thought already been weaned and looking out for itself.

The decision had been made to take it back to Gweek and the feisty fellow had been secured in a rather nifty carrier, ready for transporting back to the National Trust car park. A fair trudge from this point too. So, yours truly offered some brawn, to help carry it back; load it into a more secure cage, and into the back of the awaiting seal taxi. The least I could do I thought.

Charlie wisely kept a safe distance all the way, and maintained such once the tricky process of transfer from pouch to cage to car began. Wise too, given the sharp pointy things the young un had at the mouth end. Something I knew but still briefly forgot when trying to manoeuvre the cage inside the vehicle, but luckily got away with as pup was distracted elsewhere!

Karma satisfied then and with the full quota of digits!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sunday began just like plenty of others. Well, the day began by tuning into the second RWC semi between the Kiwis & Wallabies, which hadn't happened before. So technically it wasn't the same as previous Sabbath dawnings...

Ben and I had exchanged a couple of texts, as is not uncommon, about the choice of Haka and 1 or 2 of the opening plays. When suddenly the subject matter changed with the announcement that Emz's 'waters had broken'. Claire Tamsyn was on the move. Ignition sequence had begun!

The kids were advised to head to the hospital around 4pm for a check up, and so there was no need to postpone heading down to the beach as planned that afternoon. There had been some small swell the day before but we had decided to stick to the original plan of leaving it until Sunday, as the forecast promised something more to play with.

On arrival it was clear there was and, what's more, the weather was a darn sight better than promised, with a little more of the 'Indian summer' we'd had a fortnight earlier. The swell was indeed bigger with plenty of whitewater on the inside; but it looked managable and so the log was given the nod.

The paddle out too was relatively straightforward, but it was clear that even at the current low water stage, there was plenty of 'lump' out there with plenty of water shifting about.

As a consequence, I found it very difficult to get in sync' with the conditions and had to ultimately settle for only a couple of half rides before getting nailed by a rogue set. Dramatically too, upon re-surfacing it quickly became clear that there had been a leash failure; thus my board was beachwards bound. Not that I could now see it!

There was nothing for it but begin the 300m swim for shore. not an easy task given the heavy swell, but nothing that gave cause for alarm.

More so, when I became aware that I had a seal for an escort! Guardian Angel? Who knows?
Back home and the latest from Ben was that they'd returned home as things seemed to have been a false alarm.

How wrong we were!

Things had taken a dramatic return by around 10pm and the pair of them were back at maternity for what transpired into being a marathon process that never concluded until just after 6pm on Monday!

Whether it was the threat of a 'c-section', forceps or the utilisation of my husbandry skills will never be known; but the bottom line was the safe arrival of our first grand child. And what an absolute sweety!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Landmarks galore to celebrate or otherwise, as Sue and I get wet for the first time since Sunday week ago.

Sue beat the encroaching gloom and mist to stretch out a 45 minute thrash in a lively shorebreak. While I paddled out on the log for a bit longer in some very clean shoulder high stuff.

Of course, this was the first time I'd surfed as a if it would feel any different!! But then why would it? Plenty of 'geris' in the lineup for as long as I've been surfing and, if anything, it proves to be an inspiration still.

Similar if not more so in the bellie zone! But I'll let Sue elucidate if the need arises ;0)

So, the nights draw in and inevitably with it goes the chance for an apres work surf till spring. For now though there's a grin on the face as the curry bubbles, knowing there's a chance of some more waves over the weekend; it being rugby free. Sort of. Duty done superstition-wise anyway as the Pirates turn out at Nottingham tomorrow night. Pre match surfs always seem to deliver a win.....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SAS sewage alert

Sewage has just stopped discharging at Godrevy. Water quality can be affected for the next 12 hours.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just as well.....

......the weather and waves are forecast to be pants tomorrow.

...... Sue and I took the bellies down for a very pleasant couple of hours late Sunday afternoon then.

Ended up being the wise choice, as our wave counts were far higher than the board surfers who vainly tried to make something of the small, clean wave on offer. Made for some interesting looks on their faces as joined them in the lineup....and often resulted in a face ride and cover up.

Method in the would seem. ;o)