Tuesday, September 13, 2011

World Bellyboard Championships- the sketches Part 1

Much nicer than photos... the sketches! 

 The Bellyboarders assemble, 'weapon' of choice to hand......

Enter your board into the 'best board' competition. Prizes for best artwork, patina, vintage and paint job.

 Some are just happy to sit and quietly mull over their strategy.

Some wear fancy dress for the occasion.....

More sketches to come! 

I will admit to a bit of a cheat though on this occasion, as these were done afterwards, using photos as reference because the bad weather made it impossible to sketch in situ, which I much prefer. It's actually much harder to sketch from photos I think; you tend to want to pick over details and they lose their scribbly freshness. But I think I have managed to get around that by setting time limits to each sketch.

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