Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years On...

Well, I did go surfing for an hour or so this morning and was looking forward to reporting on it. Somehow though, in view of the events in the U.S. this afternoon [UK time], this all seems rather hollow. As a small and futile gesture in the face of such mindless barbarism, please allow me to dedicate to the victims of this tragedy, my best ever wave and ride at Skeg' taken today in a mood of tranquility. God Bless! :o(

posted by woll at 6:20 PM

How could such a perfect day be so sickly tainted?

The conditions weatherwise and wavewise had, it later transpired, mirrored those across the Pond. I remember returning home in a very mellow mood and ready to do some work, only for that to be transformed so horrifically.

In the aftermath one image will always stand out if only I could now locate it. It was taken from a beach in New York state by a surfer/surf photographer and was published in the Surfers Path magazine soon after. It depicted a perfect morning with some nice waves thrown in, the sort we'd all dream of bar one thing. In the distance are the pillars of smoke with it's eerie signal that something is wrong. Very wrong.

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