Sunday, September 25, 2011

Slash Goes the Dainty Ankle Look....

....When you take off on a steep face to ride one in because you've spotted the missus propped up against her 'belly', and reckon it's about time ;o)

The result was a short, banzai ride before the nose dug in and deposited it's mount into the flight path of the fins underside. Contact was made with the right ankle and, for the second time in five days, yours truly was to find out how sharp they can be.

More so this time, as the post surf clean up in the shower revealed a reasonably deep cut with slivers of skin awaiting a trim, or stitching back on.

Not that this detracted from a fun surf in the bay at Newquay, and the opportunity to hook up with Parky and his lad, Lewis, for the first time in a couple of moons. We ended up surfing off Tolcarne, while Sue just went around the corner to Great Western where she bumped into Laura and Amy by chance, from Junior Ladies heat 4 at the Worlds three weeks back. Talk about a small world.

Had a much more fun time than Tuesday with feet (pre-slashing) spending a lot of time planted on the deck this time. One left and a couple of rights stood out, but these made up only a fraction of the regular rides nabbed to sate the appetite.

Sue too had a ball with plenty of wave action of her own, sealing a satisfying first ever surf for her, on one of the town beaches. Actually it was the first time I'd tried Tolcarne and, allowing for the inevitable crowding at times, I'd give it the thumbs up.

Now...where's that needle and thread and some 'anaesthetic'? ;o)

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