Friday, September 30, 2011

A Post-Work Surf

A balmy Indian Summer evening....what better than to cast away all your sweaty work clothes, don damp rubber and take to the liquid gold that is the sunset-lit sea? Mind, you it was a spring tide and a high one so I didn't bellyboard for fear of being flung onto unforgiving pebbles. I sat on the beach and admired the scene, took a few photos and sketched.

There were a few folks about. A chap got out with his canoe and sat watching the action for a while before leaving.

Gwithian at high tide is a mere sliver of itself and that is mostly large pebbles but that didn't deter people from coming to enjoy the last rays of a warm day. The lady sitting down had a rather nice floppy-brimmed hat but sadly removed it as I started to sketch.

Woll's out! Time for tea!

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  1. Lovely photos of Gwithian and unexpected warm end of September weather.