Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just the Tonic...Gin optional

Lack of sleep last night made for an irritable morning at least at work, where my usual amiability was noticeable by it's absence.

Varied reasons, mostly connected with the strained finances, but primarily waiting for the sharp intake of breath from the MOT mechanic after the jalopy would surely fail it's annual test. By some margin I feared, if last year was anything to go by. Oh and the bill! Just what we need.

Well there was at least the consolation of the promise of some surf at last, post work. Katia had passed over earlier in the week and, looking at the camera yesterday evening, things looked promising. Although we declined going down then, conscious of this looming test I guess.

With the breeze in the SE and light, we could hope for it staying that way before the forecast of it increasing to 'moderate' came to fruition. Even so, the mind just wasn't on it right up till lunchtime and the dreaded news.

Quel surprises then, as said MOT mechie gave news of a positive nature! The heap had passed with nothing worse than a couple of advisories and a bit of tape rectifying the otherwise offending rear indicator casing!!! Get in!!

And 'get in' we did with an F1 style loading up process as soon as I pulled into the drive helping matters as ever, after a far more 'me mood' in the afternoon.

It doesn't get much better than this, as a late summer sunset surf rounded off a day that screamed a small victory for us. The waves were playing ball too and were longboard heaven.

The dry hair paddle out was rewarded with a couple of quickly taken waves; both lefts, that were as mellow and carvey as I'd dreamt of since the Nissan had been given a 12 moon reprieve. In all there were a half a dozen notable rides in the hour we were in; one in particular, a right, that incorporated the most confident 'stippy-step' of my surfing career to date. It just felt so natural and boy has that been a long time coming!

Sue too had some fun on the Belly, finding ample opportunity to practice some of her tricks in readiness for the 10th bellies a year hence. There were a couple of short walls in the set to, to set us up for a mellow evening with fish pie and a glass of something as a treat.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day for you both - after an unpromising start!