Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to Earth...

....after the high of the World Belly Champs on Sunday and the more mundane life of a surfing couple not used to the 'bright lights and media attention' of such an event.

Well to a degree ;o)

Conditions and circumstance since the weekend haven't favoured a swift return to the water until this evening. And even then it was probably more a case of if we don't now, then bang goes the chance of so doing till after this weekend, given the arrival of another deep low from tomorrow on.

As it transpired we only stayed in at the 'bay' for an hour or so before the need for sustenance took hold for once.

I'd opted to take the longboard out this time knowing a stiff paddle through the lines of whitewater would test any weakness; mentally or physically. And yet I surprised myself by managing reasonably easily with a bit of patience and a couple of barrel rolls. But with the tide now receding fast and some pretty large hollow sets looming reasonably frequently, I suspected it was only a matter of time before I got nailed on the inside through some slack spotting.

Even so, for the half hour I was out there I did manage a couple of short rides and one absolute stonker which Sue witnessed (for once!) from her vantage point in the shallows. The inevitable quick spin and rinse followed soon after and, after riding one in, I spent the remainder of the session sharing Sue's belly.

How ironic then I should catch a couple of satisfying walls that would have easily put me in the mix at Chapel Porth only days earlier. Honestly (blush).

Sue scoffed at the notion naturally, still crowing no doubt about the 0.03 of a point drubbing she'd dealt me in da Champs. But hey; it's the old "you shoulda been here yesterday" thing.

Isn't it? Come with me here ;o)

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