Sunday, August 7, 2011

Woll's Bomb joins the Quiver!

Chocks away!!

My 'belly' has been collected from Gavin at the Surf Action Surf Fair in Sennen yesterday. It's a customised version of a Traditional Surfing Co da Bomb, and I can't wait for Sue to add her 'touch' to it before the beast gets a blooding in time for the World Belly Board Championships on Sept 4th.

Tis going to be fun to have an option to the longboard when the waves are not quite there for it. Even more fun to be truthful, to be surfing with Suz more often.

But what happens if...when...I get some fins and Gav' calls to let me know 'Leven is firing....

Watch this space as the boundaries of the ply threaten to be pushed to new limits ;o) !!

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