Sunday, August 14, 2011

Warp Speed

With the NW breeze picking up a bit since we bounded the hound this morning, there seemed little point in subjecting the log to a pounding in the white water this afternoon. Much wiser to get some more quality time with the Bomb with only 3 weeks to 'competition time' me thunked.

And so it transpired. By the time we arrived at Godrevy not long after low water had passed, it was clear that with the amount of white stuff churning up the low tide sand; the right choice had been made.

Throw in a marked contrast in weather since 24 hours previous and a lot more water moving about, and the chance to explore the board's boundaries further was obvious.

Oddly I took a little longer to get hooked up, but once that minor detail was overcome the rides came in thick and fast. Too fast at times perhaps as the amount of flex I was experiencing was alarming and exciting in equal measure. On one occasion as I shifted further up to the nose after taking a particularly sketchy drop; the nose appeared to bend under itself and signal imminent catastrophe. Luckily it countered as quickly and limited the drama to an instant pearl and dismount!

Post surf there was a distinct twisted warp to the board which happily began to return to it's original level self as the sun dried it from it's dipping. Will give it another linseed coat as a precaution during the week.

Nothing however detracted from another excellent session, which needs further note having witnessed a chap riding a 50+ year old board with a marked rocker. 'Hilly' too needs a mention with her 'ansome blue board which graced the water as we entered.

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