Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Log's On

The need to get back on the Log just got the better of me as the need to 'smack a few lips' in these frustrating times ended any chance of 'which board' decision making. Well it has been 11 days!!!

Conditions weren't brilliant as expected with a light NW turning a declining swell a bit messy. But, with little much to come for a few days, beggars etc...

Twas fun tho and a nice little rhythmn continued right from the paddle out-swivel immediately-nice left to kick off nicely; to riding one in on the stroke of high tide and surely the best of it. How times have changed and the immeasuarble increase in water time has helped my game come along.

Had to feel for Suz tho'...her session, as short as it turned out to be, wasn't 'up there with the best'. But with a mellower feeling who gave a stuff???

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