Monday, August 22, 2011

Cliches abound... the old adage about "what a difference a day makes" once again showed it's face.

Yesterday I was as "sick as a parrot" after a fruitless session in very do-able waves. Today was at the opposite end of the scale in far cleaner conditions, if perhaps just a tad smaller. There was a lot less of the white stuff about as well.

Result! OK it took 3-4 take off attempts before hooking up the first ride. But from then on I was "over the moon".

A couple of standouts too. The first, having spotted a likely set rolling in I got myself positioned as sweet as, and went for the third one coming through. Just as jacked up and began to peel over my right shoulder. A couple of strokes and I gambled with an early pop-up. Instinctively I stepped a couple of paces further forward and launched into the most satisfying trim.

The second was not too dissimilar only this time having pulled a couple of directional changes I rode in while "on top of my game", so as not to finish by going "off the boil".

Suz meanwhile had the usual excellent session with plenty of 'layered' waterfall rides. Two 'happy bunnies' this time, therefore ambled back up the ramp to return to the car in the Godrevy lay-by just before the headland; lapping up the evening sunshine and savouring the moment.

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