Sunday, August 14, 2011

Championship board launched...

...after a space shuttle type delay on Wednesday prevented the inaugral ducking of the Bomb.

Quite how Helston could become so snarled up after 6pm was mind numbing; but with more than a couple of drivers with brains disengaged, the problem was being exaggerated!! The extra hour to a normally 20 minute max journey time did little to put me in a ideal mindset so the planned trip to the beach was shelved.

Until yesterday afternoon.

Any quandry over whether the log would get an outing instead (for the first time in over a week!) were quickly dispelled as anticipated conditions prevailed. A messy onshore wave was apparent as soon as the lighthouse came into view, and the scene was set for an hour an half of Spring Tide fun for Suz and self.

Right from the get go too, the dynamics of the Bomb became apparent as the faster, zippier rides kicked straight in from the first take. In balance, and on first impression for sure, the catching of the wave was a bit more difficult, as Suz found out when we briefly swapped rides. But the quality of the take and it's easier manouevrability more than compensated.

This baby is gonna rock!

Looks as if we're going to head down again later too. Expect more words, although the log will be taken down as insurance.

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