Sunday, August 21, 2011


Not perfect conditions but certainly something more than we've had as Godrevy showed a clean if ruffled head high wave to play with at low tide onwards.

Oh least the weather was glorious for this early evening venture into the Atlantic. And my paddling and eskimo rolls were up to scratch; because s0d all else was.

Not a ride or even a sniff of getting feet onto the deck as I struggled to get into any kind of rhythm. Throw in a few nailings whenever I did go for one and you can get the drift of where the disappointment hails from.

TBH my mind wasn't on it, as recent concerns in the real world just seem to be denting the confidence at the moment.

That won't last of course as we're made of sterner stuff than many, but; it is bound to affect things in all sorts of scenarios at times. I could get all political on the economic situation and point at certain aspects that remind me so much of the late 80's early 90's; but I will not let history repeat itself as to what Suz n me went through then. Over my dead body! Next!!

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