Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ben shows off his Belly

Ben proudly shows off his newly acquired Traditional Surfing Co belly board, which we got for his 21st.

His discovery of the joys of surfing prone on a piece of wood; without fins, leash or the comfort of having a rest on between sets; came when down here with his wife Emma on their last visit to Kernow back in July.

He like me, has always preferred surfing in the old style on his longboard. His mantra being something on the lines of "let it glide". Over the last year or so though, it is fair to say that he has got out of practice and it showed early on on this particular trip.

Not to be outdone though, and after an aborted paddle out in conditions not that long ago he'd have stroked; Suz's board was commandeered "just to see", so to speak. The rest as they say was history and, after a couple of more sessions; including a 'boys only' stint in some messy stuff a couple of evenings before they were due to return to Lincs; the seed was sown.

Emz too is keen to try one out as soon as; although there is the small matter of delivering our first grandchild first. Even the soon to be arriving Claire Tamsin has been earmarked for a board of her own in the fullness of time. I'm sure she'll take to the water like the proverbial duck. Given the influence that will surround her!

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