Monday, August 29, 2011

Belly session

We managed about an hour and a half in choppy but weak surf on Saturday. We had wanted to surf Friday but with the sewage alert we thought it prudent to give it a miss and let the pollution disperse. We also surfed well away from the yukky area.

The breeze was relentless and onshore, threatening to chill bits that weren't immersed. Woll took his bellyboard into the surf, leaving his longboard at was that kind of day. I bellied on my decorated board, Gladys and got a nice little ride along a wave face, witnessed by Woll! (The best one I've had yet) That sort of wave though was few and far-between. Woll got some good long rides despite the floppy conditions.

Due to the cool wind not too many holidaymakers were in the water, which was good for us. With the World Bellyboard Champs coming up next weekend, we need plenty of practice (not that we're in danger of winning any prizes, mind!) but the swell is dropping till later in the week so maybe our next opportunity will come on Friday Evening, after work.

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